Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sick, sick, sick.

(not exactly sure what relevance the gerbil has, but I liked him)

Anyway, as much as I hate moaning about being ill, this, whatever it is, that I've had since Thursday of last week; is being to take the piss a little bit. 

I keep getting overwhelming sick feelings, constant sore throat - which is not helping, exhaustion, headaches, and all I want to do is sleep until it decides to go away. I've gone through 2 packets of cough sweets now, medicine, lots of painkillers... and nada. 
There is a 'small flu' going round school which has generally effected nearly every teacher there, so I can only assume its that or something similar.

In better news, we're going to Galicia on Friday. We're getting the bus to Malaga on Thursday then a flight the following morning. I love flying, but I'm dreading if my ears decide to pop and not recover (which has happened before, followed by an extremely loud and painful POP in my sleep).
So fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

 I am looking forward to going further up North however.
Here, to be exact -

Every time I've mentioned it to a teacher at school that has asked me what I'm doing this weekend; it's gotten a positive reaction, which is always re-assuring! 
All I know is it is famous for some wonderful seafood and beautiful buildings.
So I'm looking forward to taking my camera & hopefully getting some nice shots :)

Until then, hasta luego. I'll take my moany ass away from this blog as I can imagine how irritating it is to read (... if anyone is still reading by this point!)

Byee! x

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