Wednesday, 2 February 2011

say hello to my little friend. 

i made him in school today. i was pretty much in my element. 
give me scissors & glue and i'll be amused for hours.

this blog post isn't exactly thrilling. i'm just bored and typing.
my plans for this weekend have just this minute been cancelled, so now I really need to get my thinking cap on as I have realised I go partly crazy being in my room/this flat/Estepa for 3 days.
its really a weekend i need to do things, as i realise everyone is busy & i really (already) know i won't feel too great about that. not because i'm jealous, just because i can't cope with my own company for so long.

its like sitting a in room thats completely silent, yet your mind is full of noise.
my thoughts like to wriggle around in there.
its not relaxing, and very pointless.

anyway, right now i'm annoyed at being so cold.
i'm laying in bed with 3 t-shirts & 2 cardigans, a scarf, and generally fully clothed. yet still my hands are cramping up from being so constantly cold, and my nose may soon fall off. 

despite all this moaning, i am definitely feeling happier recently, estoy muy contenta con todo.
part of me has stopped trying to control things, which i guess i never knew i even did, but now i seem to be 'at ease' with this situation, rather than trying to change it or change myself to fit it. 
i've also stopped worrying. kind of. 
what will happen, will happen. what people do, they will do, if you let it effect you, it will.
overall, i feel a bit more 'ready' for whatever the world wants to throw at me.
 and i realise this probably makes no sense to anyone but me.
but thats just how i blog.

ciao for now x

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