Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Santiago de Compostela.

Everythings in a bit of a mixed order on here at the moment. 
Forgive me.

Anyway, last weekend (11th - 13 Feb) Me, Danica, Paulina, Mike & Nick set off to Galicia!

Thursday afternoon we took the bus to Malaga. Checked in at the weirdest hostel I've ever been to; more like someones basement, then ate and went for a night time walk on the beach.

After 4 hours uncomfortable, sleeping-with-one-eye-open, freezing cold type of 'sleep' we got a flight at 6am to Santiago de Compostela!

First stop was breakfast.
Eggs, chorizo, potatoes. I guess a Spanish take on the English breakfast. 
Followed by churros, tea/coffee and cake.

Food coma in full swing, we walked around Santiago for a few hours until we were allowed; yep, to check into our next hostel of choice! Meiga Backpackers which actually wasn't too bad.

We visited lots of places. Santiago de Compostela is a really beautiful place. Very green, very old, almost felt like you were in the countryside somewhere in England.. but not.

The cathedral was very impressive.

After a quick (or.. 3 hour) power nap, we went out into Santiago to try some of its famous seafood and wines.

I'm still not exactly sure what I thought of 'pulpo' - octopus. 
In general they freek me out slightly anyway. Eating one was no different. Just had to see it as 'bigger calamari' I guess!

Saturday was Market day!
Markets are great places to take photos.. 

I loved it. So many interesting things to see.
The trip also included lots of eating (for me) of Tarta de Santiago; which was like a "bigger mantecado" made of almonds, dusted with icing sugar, yum. yum.

We headed back to Malaga at 9am Sunday, and so because of where Estepa is in relation to Malaga we then had 6 hours to pass...
Which is never a bad thing to do on a sunny beach.

We got back to Estepa around 8pm Sunday.
Lots of travelling, lots of eating, lots of fun.

Hopefully a lot more weekends like this to come :)


  1. I swear Sam, you take some of the best photos!
    The cafe that you guys went for breakfast, looks so lovely. I can imagine just reading a book there and drinking coffee. It sounds wonderful! Glad you had a great trip!
    --Ciara :)

  2. Preciosas fotos!!! >;-D

  3. Thank you Ciara :) so glad you like them & y gracias tambien Dressed 4 Success, me encanta tu blog!

  4. Woooooooooow! Such beautiful photos. What camera do you use? You make me want to put my backpack on already & travel!! <3



  5. Thank you Tara :) .. My camera is a Canon EOS 550D. So glad you like them.



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