Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I love the puddle you become
when I’m the rain that’s melting you.
I love the sound of breath
flooding from your lungs and that moment
when every muscle and every bone
relax and you form around me
like water to the stone that stands
proud against the current.
I love the squeeze
the cling to the skin
and the breath on the corners
of my neck;
the flush of the cheeks
and the hair that can’t seem to find its place
so it falls where it falls and lays
how it wishes
like torn curtains over the windows
of your eyes.
I love the heat we generate
like we lit ourselves on fire
just to let the flames dance
and dance together.
I am the rainfall
and I am melting you now.
I am the rainfall
and you’re the only puddle
I’ll ever jump into.


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