Friday, 18 February 2011

First week, check!

Currently typing, and aching in places I never knew existed.
But ... first training week OVER!

It went a little something like this;
  • Monday - 3pm, first run in a very long time. I struggled. It was sweaty. I pushed through to 1.5 miles, then gave up and went on an exercise bike for 4 miles (then wondered if I'd entered the right race).
  • Wednesday - 2pm, my Nike+ Sportband arrived (woohoo! again) went for a run, a bit up and down, but went for 2 miles and felt pretty good about it. Nike+, my new best friend.
  • Thursday  - 2pm, gym wasn't open. Convinced the cleaner to let me in and just run for a little bit. She was lovely enough to say yes! (high five to my Spanish there too) Have now realised the gym timetable has changed. Doh. No more after school running for me ! 1.6 miles done that day, a lot more consistent, felt great!
  • Friday - 10am, woke up aching and the bad part of my brain was trying to talk myself out of going. I went, it was hard on the ol' legs, but I managed another 2 miles and my fastest time to date!

All in all, a sweaty, achy, not so attractive week for me. But one that I feel very good about nonetheless.
I'm already half way to my target amount of sponsors (thank you everyone again :) and I'm feeling very positive about the whole thing!

Next week brings Monday; run, Wednesday; cardio, Thursday; run - Friday HOME! 
So heres to another good one :)


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