Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Currently reading.

A book I bought for myself whilst in Santiago de Compostela a few weekends ago :)

For those who don't know; I love Paulo Coelho's books. He is my favourite author and I am forever finding quotes of his that I think are amazing.

Welcome this book. 
A collection of love quotes from all of the books he's written, in Spanish.
It's possibly the most perfect thing I could have found on that trip. (Easily pleased, what can I say?)
A few pages in, and I already love it.

"Una experiencia espiritual es sobre todo una experiencia práctica de Amor. Y en el amor, no existen reglas. Podemos intentar guiarnos por un manual, controlar el corazón, tener una estrategia de comportamiento...
Pero todo eso es una tontería. 
Quien decide es el corazón, y lo que él decide es lo que vale."


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