Wednesday, 16 February 2011

And we're off.

Welcome to my new life!

1Rest1.5 m runCT or Rest1.5 m runRest2 m run25-30 min EZ
2Rest2 m runCT or Rest2 m runRest2.5 m run25-30 min EZ
3Rest2.5 mi runCT or Rest2 m runRest3 m run30-35 min EZ
4Rest2.5 m runCT or Rest2 m runRest3.5 m run35 min EZ
5Rest3 m runCT or Rest2.5 m runRest4 m run35-40 min EZ
6Rest3 m runCT2.5 m runRest4.5 m run35-40 min EZ
7Rest3.5 m runCT3 m runRest5 m run40 min EZ
8Rest3 m runCT or Rest2 m runRestRest10K Race!

it consists of running, running, running and moreeee... running!

that is the general 8 week plan I am following, starting with 3 days running, 1 day of cardio (spinning, cross trainer are the most likely!) 1 day of easy (EZ) exercise and 2 days rest.
Tuesday & Sundays are most likely to be my rest days as; school on tuesday is not my favourite of days, meaning the last thing I will want to do is run, and Sundays because... basically everything is shut here on Sundays. So I go into hibernation.

anyway, today my Nike+ Sportband arrived (woohoo!)

this one, to be exact.
(It records for how long, how fast & how many calories burned you do on your run, then you plug it into your computer & you can see your development)

I ran 2.3 miles today using this! I've connected it to any social network possible to prove to people, and myself; I am putting the effort in. Its a great little gadget & it will be good to watch the miles add up!

I also received a lot of sponsors today which I am so grateful for :) so THANK YOU everyone. Its lovely to see so much support and being able to raise money for Cancer Research, encouraging me to push even harder & really try my best at this race.

This week consists of two more runs, tomorrow and Friday, followed by "EZ" walks (up and down Estepa likely!) on Saturday.

Fingers crossed this all goes well :)
& thanks again x

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