Friday, 4 February 2011

After a couple of hours of being in bed with my throat this morning, I decided to get some fresh air.
There is a lovely part of Estepa at the top, which; seeing as I live practically at the top of the hill its not too bad to walk.

Then I walked back down, to what I guess you could class as my 'local' bar on the corner. 
'Bar Esquina' - 'Corner Bar' .. Very well thought out name.

I decided to get 'gambas rebozadas,' they were pretty great.

I am now back in bed with soup and water, fingers crossed this sore throat buggers off by tomorrow.




  1. This looks so relaxing. I wish I was there right now! Also, I love your photographs. They never fail to make me feel good! Hope you are doing well!

  2. It really wad relaxing :) & thank you, I'm so glad! Hope you're well x


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