Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Currently reading.

A book I bought for myself whilst in Santiago de Compostela a few weekends ago :)

For those who don't know; I love Paulo Coelho's books. He is my favourite author and I am forever finding quotes of his that I think are amazing.

Welcome this book. 
A collection of love quotes from all of the books he's written, in Spanish.
It's possibly the most perfect thing I could have found on that trip. (Easily pleased, what can I say?)
A few pages in, and I already love it.

"Una experiencia espiritual es sobre todo una experiencia práctica de Amor. Y en el amor, no existen reglas. Podemos intentar guiarnos por un manual, controlar el corazón, tener una estrategia de comportamiento...
Pero todo eso es una tontería. 
Quien decide es el corazón, y lo que él decide es lo que vale."


Friday, 18 February 2011

First week, check!

Currently typing, and aching in places I never knew existed.
But ... first training week OVER!

It went a little something like this;
  • Monday - 3pm, first run in a very long time. I struggled. It was sweaty. I pushed through to 1.5 miles, then gave up and went on an exercise bike for 4 miles (then wondered if I'd entered the right race).
  • Wednesday - 2pm, my Nike+ Sportband arrived (woohoo! again) went for a run, a bit up and down, but went for 2 miles and felt pretty good about it. Nike+, my new best friend.
  • Thursday  - 2pm, gym wasn't open. Convinced the cleaner to let me in and just run for a little bit. She was lovely enough to say yes! (high five to my Spanish there too) Have now realised the gym timetable has changed. Doh. No more after school running for me ! 1.6 miles done that day, a lot more consistent, felt great!
  • Friday - 10am, woke up aching and the bad part of my brain was trying to talk myself out of going. I went, it was hard on the ol' legs, but I managed another 2 miles and my fastest time to date!

All in all, a sweaty, achy, not so attractive week for me. But one that I feel very good about nonetheless.
I'm already half way to my target amount of sponsors (thank you everyone again :) and I'm feeling very positive about the whole thing!

Next week brings Monday; run, Wednesday; cardio, Thursday; run - Friday HOME! 
So heres to another good one :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Santiago de Compostela.

Everythings in a bit of a mixed order on here at the moment. 
Forgive me.

Anyway, last weekend (11th - 13 Feb) Me, Danica, Paulina, Mike & Nick set off to Galicia!

Thursday afternoon we took the bus to Malaga. Checked in at the weirdest hostel I've ever been to; more like someones basement, then ate and went for a night time walk on the beach.

After 4 hours uncomfortable, sleeping-with-one-eye-open, freezing cold type of 'sleep' we got a flight at 6am to Santiago de Compostela!

First stop was breakfast.
Eggs, chorizo, potatoes. I guess a Spanish take on the English breakfast. 
Followed by churros, tea/coffee and cake.

Food coma in full swing, we walked around Santiago for a few hours until we were allowed; yep, to check into our next hostel of choice! Meiga Backpackers which actually wasn't too bad.

We visited lots of places. Santiago de Compostela is a really beautiful place. Very green, very old, almost felt like you were in the countryside somewhere in England.. but not.

The cathedral was very impressive.

After a quick (or.. 3 hour) power nap, we went out into Santiago to try some of its famous seafood and wines.

I'm still not exactly sure what I thought of 'pulpo' - octopus. 
In general they freek me out slightly anyway. Eating one was no different. Just had to see it as 'bigger calamari' I guess!

Saturday was Market day!
Markets are great places to take photos.. 

I loved it. So many interesting things to see.
The trip also included lots of eating (for me) of Tarta de Santiago; which was like a "bigger mantecado" made of almonds, dusted with icing sugar, yum. yum.

We headed back to Malaga at 9am Sunday, and so because of where Estepa is in relation to Malaga we then had 6 hours to pass...
Which is never a bad thing to do on a sunny beach.

We got back to Estepa around 8pm Sunday.
Lots of travelling, lots of eating, lots of fun.

Hopefully a lot more weekends like this to come :)

And we're off.

Welcome to my new life!

1Rest1.5 m runCT or Rest1.5 m runRest2 m run25-30 min EZ
2Rest2 m runCT or Rest2 m runRest2.5 m run25-30 min EZ
3Rest2.5 mi runCT or Rest2 m runRest3 m run30-35 min EZ
4Rest2.5 m runCT or Rest2 m runRest3.5 m run35 min EZ
5Rest3 m runCT or Rest2.5 m runRest4 m run35-40 min EZ
6Rest3 m runCT2.5 m runRest4.5 m run35-40 min EZ
7Rest3.5 m runCT3 m runRest5 m run40 min EZ
8Rest3 m runCT or Rest2 m runRestRest10K Race!

it consists of running, running, running and moreeee... running!

that is the general 8 week plan I am following, starting with 3 days running, 1 day of cardio (spinning, cross trainer are the most likely!) 1 day of easy (EZ) exercise and 2 days rest.
Tuesday & Sundays are most likely to be my rest days as; school on tuesday is not my favourite of days, meaning the last thing I will want to do is run, and Sundays because... basically everything is shut here on Sundays. So I go into hibernation.

anyway, today my Nike+ Sportband arrived (woohoo!)

this one, to be exact.
(It records for how long, how fast & how many calories burned you do on your run, then you plug it into your computer & you can see your development)

I ran 2.3 miles today using this! I've connected it to any social network possible to prove to people, and myself; I am putting the effort in. Its a great little gadget & it will be good to watch the miles add up!

I also received a lot of sponsors today which I am so grateful for :) so THANK YOU everyone. Its lovely to see so much support and being able to raise money for Cancer Research, encouraging me to push even harder & really try my best at this race.

This week consists of two more runs, tomorrow and Friday, followed by "EZ" walks (up and down Estepa likely!) on Saturday.

Fingers crossed this all goes well :)
& thanks again x

El Día de San Valentín.

(slightly late post)

but, Happy Valentines Day!

I spent mine with this lovely bunch of people (Alfonso, Alicia, Ana and the whole of 2 Bilingual) so it's safe to say I had a pretty great time.

They had all made buns, cakes, basically anything covered in chocolate, plus cards made of love hearts to give to their friends.

My flower :)

And even though I couldn't be at home, I was just happy knowing I got to spend my Valentines Day 'with' someone special. 
I hope you all had lovely days too!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sick, sick, sick.

(not exactly sure what relevance the gerbil has, but I liked him)

Anyway, as much as I hate moaning about being ill, this, whatever it is, that I've had since Thursday of last week; is being to take the piss a little bit. 

I keep getting overwhelming sick feelings, constant sore throat - which is not helping, exhaustion, headaches, and all I want to do is sleep until it decides to go away. I've gone through 2 packets of cough sweets now, medicine, lots of painkillers... and nada. 
There is a 'small flu' going round school which has generally effected nearly every teacher there, so I can only assume its that or something similar.

In better news, we're going to Galicia on Friday. We're getting the bus to Malaga on Thursday then a flight the following morning. I love flying, but I'm dreading if my ears decide to pop and not recover (which has happened before, followed by an extremely loud and painful POP in my sleep).
So fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

 I am looking forward to going further up North however.
Here, to be exact -

Every time I've mentioned it to a teacher at school that has asked me what I'm doing this weekend; it's gotten a positive reaction, which is always re-assuring! 
All I know is it is famous for some wonderful seafood and beautiful buildings.
So I'm looking forward to taking my camera & hopefully getting some nice shots :)

Until then, hasta luego. I'll take my moany ass away from this blog as I can imagine how irritating it is to read (... if anyone is still reading by this point!)

Byee! x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I love the puddle you become
when I’m the rain that’s melting you.
I love the sound of breath
flooding from your lungs and that moment
when every muscle and every bone
relax and you form around me
like water to the stone that stands
proud against the current.
I love the squeeze
the cling to the skin
and the breath on the corners
of my neck;
the flush of the cheeks
and the hair that can’t seem to find its place
so it falls where it falls and lays
how it wishes
like torn curtains over the windows
of your eyes.
I love the heat we generate
like we lit ourselves on fire
just to let the flames dance
and dance together.
I am the rainfall
and I am melting you now.
I am the rainfall
and you’re the only puddle
I’ll ever jump into.


Monday, 7 February 2011

And relax.

Fc Kahuna - Hayling.

Don't think about all those things you fear.
Just be glad to be here.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Worlds Most Unproductive Weekend.

Day 3 [of the Big Brother House] - of laying in bed, not moving, coughing my lungs up, anndd I've just about had enough.

I don't enjoy weekends of not doing anything, nevermind not doing anything - while being in the same room for 62 hours. Its fair to say I'm going slightly insane. 

I'll try keep a list of positives, which go so far as ...
  1. I have a new heater, which is actually great and I can't see my breath in my room anymore. High 5!          
  2. I have signed up for the Race For Life, that is a) filling me with fear but b) actually making me want to go to the gym, which is never a bad thing. No pain, no gain.
  3. I know I'm going somewhere next weekend - Santiago de Compostela! (Galicia) Yaayy, outdoors again.
  4. Boring weekends make me enjoy school more. I'm out of the house & surrounded by lots of noisy Spanish kids.
   Happy times.
Heres to a better week.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Race For Life.

The words 'run,' and 'Sam,' never generally go in the same sentence.
So for whatever reason this morning I decided to sign up for a 10k aka 6 MILE run for Race For life, Cancer Research UK

The run is on the 25th June, at 10am, Temple Newsam. (if anyone wants to join, hint hint!)
Which gives me ..4-5 months of training, of which I will need every moment in the gym that I can manage.

I will be running in memory of a family member who recently passed away, I have a target of £150 and any donations at all are welcome -

Thank you! Wish me luck!
& see you there!!


Friday, 4 February 2011


How could I forget to mention my best news today ... ... ...
for 4 days, but still ...

The flights are booked;
25th Feb - 1st March I'll be in Leeds.
Super excited.
After a couple of hours of being in bed with my throat this morning, I decided to get some fresh air.
There is a lovely part of Estepa at the top, which; seeing as I live practically at the top of the hill its not too bad to walk.

Then I walked back down, to what I guess you could class as my 'local' bar on the corner. 
'Bar Esquina' - 'Corner Bar' .. Very well thought out name.

I decided to get 'gambas rebozadas,' they were pretty great.

I am now back in bed with soup and water, fingers crossed this sore throat buggers off by tomorrow.


So I woke up this morning with a voice like a dog toy that had lost its squeaker.
Annoying, as I haven't been ill in a while now, and this is my first relaxing weekend since being back in Spain.
Possibly all the travelling & fiestas have caught up? Who knows.

Either way, to cheer myself up - an expensive way; but always works, i did a whole load of online shopping!
I won't say how much, but ASOS gave me free shipping ..
I say no more.

this would be my new bag!


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Estepa strawberries. Bought & demolished in seconds.
Yum yum!

A quote.

"To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing."

- Leo Buscaglia

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

say hello to my little friend. 

i made him in school today. i was pretty much in my element. 
give me scissors & glue and i'll be amused for hours.

this blog post isn't exactly thrilling. i'm just bored and typing.
my plans for this weekend have just this minute been cancelled, so now I really need to get my thinking cap on as I have realised I go partly crazy being in my room/this flat/Estepa for 3 days.
its really a weekend i need to do things, as i realise everyone is busy & i really (already) know i won't feel too great about that. not because i'm jealous, just because i can't cope with my own company for so long.

its like sitting a in room thats completely silent, yet your mind is full of noise.
my thoughts like to wriggle around in there.
its not relaxing, and very pointless.

anyway, right now i'm annoyed at being so cold.
i'm laying in bed with 3 t-shirts & 2 cardigans, a scarf, and generally fully clothed. yet still my hands are cramping up from being so constantly cold, and my nose may soon fall off. 

despite all this moaning, i am definitely feeling happier recently, estoy muy contenta con todo.
part of me has stopped trying to control things, which i guess i never knew i even did, but now i seem to be 'at ease' with this situation, rather than trying to change it or change myself to fit it. 
i've also stopped worrying. kind of. 
what will happen, will happen. what people do, they will do, if you let it effect you, it will.
overall, i feel a bit more 'ready' for whatever the world wants to throw at me.
 and i realise this probably makes no sense to anyone but me.
but thats just how i blog.

ciao for now x
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