Monday, 24 January 2011

Malaga, Sevilla, Estepa, Oh My.

So its the Monday after the weekend before. I feel like I spent my entire weekend, eating, drinking, eating, sleeping, drinking some more.. and a bit more.

My lovely best friend arrived in Spain Thursday night, I met her in Malaga where we stayed at Vincci Posada del Patio hotel and (for the few hours we were in there) it was amazing.

We had a night in Malaga, starting with eating noodles in a fancy little japanese restaurant, which were so good we went back the next day. We were greeted by the guy asking if 'we had slept?' .. I think thats always a bad sign of just how rough you look. We drank muchos mojitos, red wine, vodka andd .. whatever else we ended up getting our hands on.

We stumbled back to the hotel around 4am, where I proceeded to practically walk straight into the glass door because it is locked through the night ... I'm sure they'll enjoy watching that back on CCTV.

Woke at 9am, still tipsy, to get our already paid for breakfast.. Which was one of those things where you really want to eat everything and pile your plate up, then realise you may be sick all over it. But still, it soaked some of the alcohol up quite well. We checked out at 12pm and spent 5 hours wandering around Malaga. Including a horse & cart round around the city, visiting Malaga Cathedral, looking around the Picasso museum andd .. drinking some more vino.

Friday night we went back to Estepa. I think its the first place my friend has ever seen anywhere so small haha .. The weather was freeezzzingg, we we're still hungover and tired from 5 hours sleep and a bumpy coach ride, but we still went out for (more) drink & a tapa. But it didn't last too long ...

After the longest sleep that weekend, Saturday morning we headed to Seville! One of my favourite places. Unexpectedly it was baltic there too. The first time I have ever been to Seville and its been so cold, typical!
But, we still had a nice day. Visiting the Plaza de Espana is always great, we quickly ran past the Cathedral as it was so cold, headed to my favourite restaurant, ate tapas and amazing cakes until we could barely move, then headed to the shops!

We found a little cervecería and went for yet more wine, to keep warm, or thats the excuse. Then headed for the bus, yet again, back to Estepa.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend and great to see her.
Hopefully I will have more visitors soon :)

For a few more photos .. check here - x

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