Monday, 31 January 2011

Ai, qué rowdy.

so, this weekend I went to Madrid.
I met up with around 10 of my uni friends as we're all living in Spain at the moment, 
and where's better than the capital city?

we shopped, we ate, we drank - a lot, we visited monuments and partied in Pacha.
it was an amazing, tiring, drunk weekend.
and I absolutely loved it.



  1. Great photos Sam!
    I've ordered my Lonely Planet guide for Spain and am planning my trip for the summer.

    Hope all is well, certainly looks like it :)

    Brad (Tumblr)

  2. Thank you! Good luck with your trip! I leave beginning of June.

    Everything is going well, thank you. Hope you're good too!

  3. sam these photos are beautiful, please come back and visit us soon! ♥

  4. Aw thank youu Fran, I will do soon hopefully! x


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