Saturday, 11 December 2010

Estepa & the Chocolate Factory.

I live a town most famous for exporting & selling Mantecados & Polvorones in the whole of Spain.

Mantecados being; rich, crumbly cakes that come in different flavours and are in brightly coloured wrappers. Did I mention they are made of pork fat? Mm. Well yes, not exactly the vegetarians choice. But they are weirdly very tasty and melt in your mouth. Usually flavoured with cinnamon. (which, from October the air in Estepa has smelt exactly like that.)

Polvorones are cakes without the bake. They are made from butter, sugar, milk, almonds and flour and are compressed into powdery little sweets. More like biscuits.
Also very good.

In Estepa the main Avenida is almost back to back with factories, 'despachos' - shops, and the smell of things being baked. They didn't open until October, but now they are full of Christmas decorations and Spanish people buying them by the box full for their houses.

Today we went on a mini crawl of all these lovely shops (and a factory of where they are made, pretty impressive), in which you get to try before you buy, so its safe to say I'm pretty full of cake at the moment.
In fact, the first thing anyone said to me when I came here was, 'This is the town of Mantecados, at Christmas time; everyone gets fat.' 

I can now see why.

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  1. Sammi, this is amazing....i too could eat cake right now...
    smuggle some home for your ma ma xx

  2. Yummmmm!
    Even though I've never thought of pork fat and cinnamon together, that does sound magical!! I'm glad you're having fun!


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