Saturday, 11 December 2010




I just liked the picture. Maybe one of these days I can say that, (haha.. who am I kidding?) or maybe say it right in the face of any Spanish professors that ever doubted me.

Anyway, when it comes down to it, I am actually really very proud of myself for these first 3 months in southern Spain. Without getting too 'deep' on everyone, I feel like I've developed as a person, my self-confidence has grown and my public speaking / in front of classes is evident, as I think it was pretty much non-existent when I came here, even things down to my general sense of direction (anyone who knows me knows I could get lost in a corner) have improved. So everything is changing for the better.

Now, its coming to the end of the first third (Jesus, where is time going?) of my Year Abroad and the more I think about how much I've learnt here, the happier I feel. Really, I know I'm nowhere near the end result I would like/hope to achieve by May, but from what I came with; I know within myself I've improved.
My listening skills if anything have gone through the roof and I still sometimes surprise myself when I realise halfway through 30 minutes of a conversation that I'm sat understanding a good majority of what is going on.

Speaking, on the other hand ..

Pft... There are good days, there are bad days. Grammar is my downfall, I've always known that, it's trying to fix it that is difficult. But, like all good things I'm hoping it will work with time & eventually I'll get there.

When I think back to September, I know I can say a lot more things now (guess there would be something going wrong if I couldn't!) than when I arrived. Also, its almost as if everything I've ever learnt at uni has left my brain & I'm starting from scratch, because now I'm actually learning 'general conversation' rather than, 'The ice caps are melting, what's your opinion on this?!' I now know how to converse, ask more questions, use better tenses, rather than staring blankly at people if they asked me anything.

So for now a little improvement is good enough for me. I have my goal & I'll get there. Just got to keep on keeping on and fingers crossed I'll be talking like a good 'un by the time I leave!

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