Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas. ClickClick!

It seems Christmas came and went in a flash.

Its strange to type this knowing that it is now all over! Already!
I guess the travelling and a not-very-festive Estepa didn't make me realise just how soon Christmas was when I got back. I had a couple of days catching up with everyone and reassuring my brain that I actually do understand the English language, stopping myself from speaking Spanish and getting my hair done (it was almost criminal what was going on on my head), then before you know it; its Christmas!

I spent Christmas morning with my boyfriend, his family and my dog for Christmas breakfast (let the mountain of food eaten that day commence) present opening and trying to stop my dog from eating their cat. Then, back to mine for Christmas dinner, more present opening and film watching.
It was a great day and I was lucky enough to receive a Canon EOS 550D (something I have always, always wanted!) plus all the gadgets to go with it & a Tamron Macro Lens! Yippee!

I'm now a week and a half into being back in Leeds & I've loved it all and its not even New Years Eve yet (something else to look forward to.)

Estepa has some living up to do.

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