Friday, 10 December 2010

Because sometimes it's good to treat yourself..


And over,

And over again !
Ah, I love Seville. And it's food.

I sometimes feel like I have to prove to myself that I can do things, this was one of these days.
I travelled to Seville for 2 hours on my own, I shopped, I spent too much, then I got hungry. So I went to a very fancy looking restaurant on the corner of the main shopping street. Its always busy & the food smells great.

In I went, with about 6 bags of shopping, which the guy placed on a chair beside me. I asked (in Spanish, clearly) "What is the best thing to eat here?" - I loved saying that, and will use it a lot more in the future. I got a surprised look, then he shouted to the chef, which was then followed by an amazing ensaladilla rusa, the best I have eaten in Spain and a tapa of gazpacho with jamon & eggs on top. They were amazing.

I then noticed dessert. At least 15 different desserts, all handmade, all different sizes, colours. Eclairs, cakes, pastries... So I thought with my gut & asked the woman "Which is your favourite?" - I ended up with that great looking little pudding above. A layer of cake, cream, whole strawberries, a layer of 'tocinillo de cielo' - egg yolk & sugar, and more cake.. It was so good.

All washed down with tinto con limon - red wine & lemon, water & green tea to finish.

Happy stomach.

Now I just need to get myself down to that gym...

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