Thursday, 21 August 2014

Saying Goodbye, Again

It doesn't seem like two minutes since I wrote this post.

As we said a sudden goodbye to our beloved pet Pebbles in March, the time came, on Thursday 20th August, to say goodbye to her furry little sister; Skye. 

Skye was the chunkier of the two, the one who was always first to have her snout in the bowl of treats and the one who explored fearlessly - but then came hopping & running back to me at the sound of any sudden noise. She was quite the character. I loved her for it. 

She was the cuddliest & sweetest of ratties and when Pebbles passed away we became like her very own human-shaped rat friends. Every single day, there was at least one of us in the house to keep her company; tending to her every need (read: fetching treats constantly) and dishing out plenty of tickles around the clock. My partner & I haven't been on holiday together for two years, simply so that we could dedicate our time to these wonderful little creatures - that's how seriously we took it.
Sadly, Skye became very poorly with mammory tumours in the last few months of her life. She battled through an operation and dealt with any discomfort like a champ, until one eventually become cancerous and finally ruptured on Wednesday, the 19th.  Even then, she showed us what tough & amazing creatures rats can be; still eating, drinking & being her loving self, although we knew she must've been in an immense amount of pain. 

That night I slept on the sofa, just so that I could be near her, for, what I knew in my heart would be, the last time that I could do so. To our surprise, she managed to stay with us until Thursday morning. So we made sure her tummy was full of her favourite treats (chicken, yoghurt, banana) and let her know how much she was loved. Then finally we had to make the heartbreaking decision of letting her be reunited with her little playmate, Pebbles.

It was an extremely sad ending to a wonderful two years, that were filled with so much joy and love. And although it may be 'just a rat' in the eyes of others, they were small, furry family members to us. Our home now has a rat-shaped void that I'm not sure will ever be filled again, but I'm so lucky to have had those two furry critters in my life. Even if it did feel too short...

Sleep peacefully, my fuzzy friend. 
I hope you're both up to plenty of mischief now.

And a genuine 'thank you' to everyones well-wishes & love on twitter & facebook. It meant the world x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Loving Lately : Stripy Sweater

There have been a few times lately where I've caught myself wearing the exact same thing.

I'm not someone who really puts much effort into how I dress; which is odd as I spend so much time doing my make-up, you'd think I'd get the iron out every once in a while. However I simply find what's comfy and just go with it.

This recent Topshop purchase (£28) had my name all over it. I didn't even try it on, I knew I'd love it regardless. An off white, navy striped, grey cuffed, utterly comfy jumper. It may as well have shook my hand and said, 'hello, I'm going to be your new best-friend.' (weird? I don't know...) It was basically love at first sight. 

I think my favourite thing about it is the unusual lining - it kind of feels like a terry-towelling dressing gown - yup. It's like wearing a hug. However it's not actually too heavy for Summer (or this autumn-esque rain we keep having) and it doesn't look 'bulky' either; the perfect combination!

I like to pair it with my Topshop Leigh Jeans & Urban Outfitters brown sandals (similar here) to dress it all up a bit! I've also been loving this beautiful Thomas Sabo* bracelet, that was kindly sent by Joshua James Jewellery. The blackened silver bracelet with a howlite bead are from the Karma range, which is all so beautiful, I could look at it all day! I particularly love the colour of the bead, it's so, so pretty.

What have you been loving lately? 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Today, I Am Grateful For...

Sunday Pancakes.

Sweet, soft, melt in your mouth goodness. That is what I am grateful for today... Food.

I think everyone has heard of the 'two ingredient' pancakes before; one banana, two small eggs, you know the ones - they're taking the health world by storm. I simply prefer the taste of these to normal pancakes, and I cook them in butter, so, um...  health-freaks, look away now. 

Either way, these are uber simple and make a delicious sunday brunch treat. They're not something I have often - mainly because the painstakingly slow process of cooking them one by one is enough to put me off - but once you have that first mouthful, you remember exactly why you bothered!

♥ Simply add one super ripe, mushed banana and two small-ish eggs to a blender, or beat by hand if you prefer. I add a drop of vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon to mine for extra sweetness! 

♥ Blitz it all up and warm up your pan to a medium-low heat. I personally use an individual fried-egg type pan as I think the smaller these are, the easier they are to 'flip,' plus they come out perfectly round, which pleases me greatly. 

♥ Add a smidgen of butter/coconut oil/whatever you fancy to grease the pan slightly, then add your mixture. I used a tablespoon to scoop it out and about 3 tbsp was enough to fill it and was still easy enough to flip! 

♥ These do tend to cook fairly quickly, so keep your eyes peeled to the underneath of your pancake! Then, using a spatula, gently turn it over and cook for a few more seconds. Gently being the focus here.

♥ I like to cook all of mine in one go, then eat as a pile; so you're gonna need some tinfoil to cover them up as you go, but don't worry, that keeps everything nice and warm as you stack them up!

♥ Next... The toppings. Possibly the best part of any pancake. I opted for strawberries, donut peaches, agave nectar and a dash more cinnamon, as that's what I had laying around, but anything you like will do! 

And finally, admire your art - take a few instagram snaps, because the world loves pancakes - et voila! Tuck in. A beautifully light, sweet Sunday treat.

Have you tried these types of pancakes before?
Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

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